need some time

2009-11-20 07:04:36 by rockartofwar

i have lost my script for my animation an have to rewrite it.... this sucks, so here is my kitty Tiger to cheer me up

need some time

I lose to button mashers

2009-11-14 03:40:30 by rockartofwar


i am in a collab

2009-11-08 06:58:22 by rockartofwar

this will be my first and i know it will be awesome

Female voice actors needed

2009-07-18 05:53:22 by rockartofwar

i need some voice actors to help me with my animation..... so girls I need your help

pm me if you are in

Female voice actors needed

i need a scaner

2009-06-25 00:09:07 by rockartofwar

man i cant scan the comic i am doing..... i need a scan i guess i have to go to my friends house to use his....

i need a scaner

Angels Tear Ep.1 coming soon

2009-05-08 02:44:52 by rockartofwar

i am working on my first flash animation.... well not my first but my first story and own project..... i hope you all will love it......